The start, poker and plans.

I’m not sure who, if anyone, will read this blog but here we go.  I might just be writing this blog as an outlet for my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  One of the hardest things about living in S. Korea as a Esl teacher is the lack of human contact you receive from other English speakers.  Sure my first year I had over 30 friends but as I’ve stayed it’s like I’m playing a game of last man standing.  Well I’m definitely winning this game after 6 years.  Besides my 1 buddy in my new town it’s been 4 months since I’ve seen another foreigner.

Some might ask what made me move from Wisconsin to S. Korea and that’s simple.  

The winter of 2006 my buddy called me one day and told me about his adventure of teaching in S. Korea. I really had nothing keeping me in USA besides my family.  Saying my parents were unhappy would be a massive understatement.   Like any good parent they worried about many things but the idea was set and in Fall of 07 I was off to the land of kimchi.

Before I knew it 6 long years have passed and I’m still here.  Not to say that’s a bad thing but it’s probably time to get out of here.  I really only see one way out.


Now before I get a bunch of comments about the evil of gambling or someone wanting to save my soul from hell hear me out.  Everyone gambles!  I love hearing people say they never gamble since that’s huge lie.  You’ve never walked up to a person in a bar/restaurant and started a conversation?    That person hold up a sign telling you they wanted to chat with you?  Probably not but you took a risk.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.  Ever get stumped on a test question and guess?

Why poker?  Well, I like that I can work hard and see my winnings increase with effort.  Unlike working my ass off for most of my bosses while never getting a cent more.

I think this is a good first post so I’ll leave it open to comments or questions.

later, BT