Recs, chip dumping and leaderboards.

Swim on friend:

I’ve always found that any job you have has good and bad things about it.  If you like 60% of your job I consider that a win in my book.  One of the biggest stresses of playing online poker is variance and dealing with recreational players (ie Fish) doing horrible things and making your life harder than normal.

This is no different than having a bad customer or crappy task.    My point is to remind myself and others not to berate the recs for doing something weird.

Example:  On the bubble with around 10 bbs for few players but 1 huge bigstack with over 50 bbs.  Normally a bigstack like this would be pushing/raising ATC but this Rec was limping utg vs my bb.  So I pick up a mid pair and reship only to get called by j9o.  Not a great call but I survived.  Now it’s easy for a sng player to know that’s pretty hurtful call vs my range but to a rec he only saw pretty cards.

Even easier is to fire off in the chat something nasty but why?  Does help the stress but remember we make money off their entertainment and nobody likes getting called a fish or moron.   Imagine you go to fix your car and the mechanic laughs at you?  Would you go back?

Chip Dumper/chatting with rec:

So playing a session of  sngs, I left my chat on which isn’t normal.  Not wanting to mess with it I left it on as the session came to end.  Interesting thing came up while I had huge stack vs bubble shorties.  On the button I raised into super short stack with junk.  23o.  Seems spewy but this guy hadn’t played a hand in 7 orbits and it was obvious that other guys were waiting on him to bust so getting past sb wasn’t a problem.  He found a hand and snap shoved.  I let my raise go and 2 other guys immediately called it chip dumping.  I laughed and typed misclick in chat.

Another game in the same session I found a British person complaining about me jamming his bb.  He echoed my thoughts of years past about playing sngs as rec.  I once thought a guy was a bot for not being able to search him.



As of right now I’m holding at in top 20 for leader board at my level and it’s second time this year I’ve been on there.   My staker keeps telling me to relax and not check it 4 times a day.  I could poke fun at his obsession with his red line even after having 5+ years of solid results and lots of profit  Then again, he’s pretty cool guy and waffle crushes me in poker in all aspects so I should be quiet.

Hope I run good and get on both orbits next week.   Until next time.  BT


Goals and a night out.

Happy New Years to you all.  2013 is gone like the wind and we speed forward for another year.  Overall, 2013 was a mixed year for me.    Poker wise it was lowest number of games I’ve played in years.  Part of me lost the drive to play but recently poker has become fun again.  Even if I have a losing session I have been finding it fun again.  I even found myself congratulating a fish for sucking out on me on the bubble.  lol  I hope it keeps up.  

Goals for 2014:

This is my second attempt to turn pro but I feel it’s different this time.  Last time I lacked discipline that I have now.  Also, I really didn’t enjoy the games I played as much.  Now I find myself enjoying a long grind.  Heck, I almost came home to grind after going out for New years but decided to wait for the morning so I was fresh.  

2014 Goals:

200K plus vpp’s.

5% Roi over 75,000 games.

Move up to the next level.

Be in the top 15 for my level on leaderboard.

Make PS sng leaderboard 6 times.  Top 10 2 twice.

Night out:

Spent the night with a friend of a friend for New Years.   AJ and I did the usually by have a drink at local bar but then ended up making it to the only dance club in my small city.

First thing I saw was a very drunk middle aged women slap the hell out of the guy trying to help her stand up.  The guy took it like a champ and just rubbed his face.  I can’t say I would have been so nice about it.  I think she would have been sleeping in the street if she was my girl for that but I didn’t see why she did it.

So we get in and it’s pretty busy but it’s weird mix of middle aged people with few 20 somethings.  I was the only foreigner in the place.  AJ order 3 beers and fruit plated for 36 Dollars and saying it was a rip off is too nice.  Only good thing about it was watching the table behind us have women after women pulled over to chat with them.

It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in Korea.  Men and women go to a place and the staff brings over women to the men.  Now, before you get a little freaked out remember, women and men know this is the deal.  They chose to come to these places.  Most of the time the girls act all surprised and try to play  passive about it.

Usually, the men pours her a drink and they chat for a few minutes before the lady runs off to her friends.   She might even enjoy chatting with the guy but I think social standing makes her run off.  To be fair, my Korean isn’t that great so I don’t know how it works all that well.  It sure if funny to watch.

In fairness, I bet Koreans love watching drunk foreigners try to game up each other and fail.  I know i do.

Well, until next time.  I hope God mode gets enabled for you just not vs me.  GL at the tables.