Be like water!

Truly, a smart man.  I wonder how he would have done with poker?  My bet is very well with that attitude.  Why?  Well, he would adapted and over come his opponents.  I’m not saying physical combat is similar to poker but it shares common themes.

How so?  Easy:  1st:  When faced with a stronger opponent (IE) a bigger stack.  Put them to the test.  Bully the bully.  2nd:  Take them out of their zone.  Most sngers are great at push/fold but post flop/turn play is weak.  Be water!  3rd:  Make them think this is a fight they don’t want (ie).

My chips and  my blind!!!!

Random but fun gifs:  Enjoy bro,  Too my buddy Lucas in China.  Don’t get her pregos yet.  😛

That’s for you and Mike S.  in Thailand.  See you soon, bitches.

Wait:  Last gif.


Never give up, Never give in! Plus results.

Everyone has had a very bad/shitty day(s).  We’ve also had amazing wonderful days too.  Overall, how would you rate your life?

If was honest, I’d say this 2 months ago:

Why?  Sick? Broke?  Nah, I just got down on life.  Feeling sorry for yourself does nothing!  Don’t get me wrong, if you keep getting dealt 72o you have ever right to hate life.  I can’t imagine being born with CD or cancer but if those people can be positive then SHUT THE HECK UP  about a 100 Buy in Downswing.   

You click buttons for a living.  I’ve done much worse for cash and I’m pretty sure so has the local hookers.  Nobody loves punting off 2k or 5k but crying won’t help.  

Rant over:

So this last month wasn’t bad.  Results

Under ev but happy with results and stuff.  To all the regs in my game.  Plus no more spit calls when someone is sitting out.  We have to work together.

You see the nice little downswing near the end of the month.  I swear poker was saying this to me.

Then it all changed.  I was like.

Anyways, it’s 6 am here so I should go to bed.  GL