Be like water!

Truly, a smart man.  I wonder how he would have done with poker?  My bet is very well with that attitude.  Why?  Well, he would adapted and over come his opponents.  I’m not saying physical combat is similar to poker but it shares common themes.

How so?  Easy:  1st:  When faced with a stronger opponent (IE) a bigger stack.  Put them to the test.  Bully the bully.  2nd:  Take them out of their zone.  Most sngers are great at push/fold but post flop/turn play is weak.  Be water!  3rd:  Make them think this is a fight they don’t want (ie).

My chips and  my blind!!!!

Random but fun gifs:  Enjoy bro,  Too my buddy Lucas in China.  Don’t get her pregos yet.  😛

That’s for you and Mike S.  in Thailand.  See you soon, bitches.

Wait:  Last gif.


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