Bumps and Marginal gains.


It’s a been a boring 3 days for me.   I’ve spent them basically updating/studying some new things.  I know that they will pay off in the long run but I can’t helping a bit worried since I’m not grinding.  My coach is in Hawaii, on his month long break and it’s killing him so 3 days isn’t bad.  1 week into it, he was like send me 10 Hand histories so I have something to do.  I still haven’t done that.  Note to self, do that.

The new Tech.

Poker is an evolving game.  It’s a game of incomplete information but our technology is improving to help “solve” the game.  I say solve in quotes since it’s never going to happen.  Never.

Icmizer:  http://www.icmpoker.com/

I’m a bit behind the times with this one.  I’ve heard it was much better than sng wiz but like a stubborn mule I wasn’t ready to upgrade.  I finally did and Wow, it’s amazing the difference.  So I spent about 4 hours re doing my push/fold chart and calling ranges.  Other sng players might ask why don’t you have those memorized and I would say I do but it’s always nice to have a bit of refresher on those iffy shoves/calls.

To normal people, who don’t know what a push/fold chart it’s like this.  If I have certain number of blinds.  (Blinds being how many times can you go around the table without playing a hand.)  So 10 big blinds means 10 times around without playing.

I think the chart looks good.  I had some other sngers look at it.  They seemed to think it’s fine.

Notecaddy:  http://www.holdemmanager.com/buy/231/note-caddy-premium—hold-em

The other new tech I repicked up is notecaddy.  I do mean repicked up.  I had this before but never spent the time to learn it’s true worth.  What is notecaddy?  Basically, it’s a program that goes over your hand histories and makes notes on things.  So much faster and easier than typing notes while 16 tabling.  This program automatically does it for you.  Since that time tons of packages have come out for it but they are all very costly and to that I say:

I do it myself but it’s taking it’s sweet time.

Marginal Gains:  http://jamesclear.com/marginal-gains

That blog is an amazing read about making small changes to see massive improvements over time.  It’s a pretty simple concept but drastically effective over time.  Anyone who has played poker pre Black Friday (http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/13127-black-friday-the-day-that-changed-online-poker) and post knows how important keeping up has become.  With over 10 million Americans leaving the market it has meant a slightly tougher ecology for some of us.  I do think Russians are trying to take the fish crown from Americans but time will tell.

I’ll just keep waiting for notecaddy to finish these notes so I can learn your ranges.  😛